I love setting a pretty table for dinner with friends and family.  Sometimes building the tablescape is more fun than cooking the meal.  This lovely tablescape is one of my favourite looks.  I used my vintage pink hobnail glasses and salad plates, layered the table with fresh greens.  They aren’t in water but that is ok…they will last like this for several days.  I used Hydrangeas which I love but frankly, they are hit and miss. They can often disappoint because they don’t drink (unlike me..lol) and their heads keel over before the party…I had this happen last night. I like to add lots of interesting items to the table as it creates texture and often starts conversation. Please check out our tagged blog entires on Entertaining, tablescapes and more for great ideas to inspire your next party!

Entertaining is a passion of mine. And it doesn’t have to be hard. I hope you will find some ideas from my posts and try them at your next event.

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