Hey there! I’m Anita. I am going to fill this blog and website with tasty recipes and fabulous entertaining ideas that you will be able to do at home. It is always wonderful to browse through the myriad of ideas and pictures on the web to get great entertaining ideas. And yet, I so often hear about the “Pinterest Fails”: the ideas that look good online but without the right instruction, end up with disastrous execution. So no more fails! It is hard enough to get through your day with all the little challenges without adding “fails” to it…

I owned and operated a Corporate Marketing and Event Company for over 25 years and then segued off into the Culinary World where I taught cooking classes to all ages at a Community Centre in Toronto and Ajax, Ontario. Teaching classes was a lot of fun. For many of my students, English was their second language so we spent lots of time going over ingredients and the recipe instructions. I am not sure who learned the most in these classes.

Combining these two experiences – Events and Culinary Arts – fulfills my professional and personal passions. Web design and blogging is a newer venture for me one but one I look forward to learning.Well, that is, all but the part about building a website and blogging. As I learn about the blogging world, I hope you will join me on this journey. And along the way, you will meet my little Ruby. A 3 pound, 8 ounce little bundle of doodle…The joy in my day!

I will do my best to give you all you need to create what I feature and along the way you will learn a bit more about me and my family because there is no doubt they will end up as part of this new adventure. I am tenacious, happy, outgoing, and can’t wait to share everything with you!

Please check out my recipes and entertaining ideas. And while I love every season, I am also the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas! So please enjoy the ride as we dabble in all the joie vivre there is to experience with Tasty Entertaining. I would love hearing from you! I will always respond to your questions and comments and appreciate you taking the time to contact me.



My name is Ruby Tuesday.  I was born on Valentine's Day in 2015 but didn't meet my Mommy till May 28th that same year. So, I was a big girl by then.  Mommy tells me I weighed 1 pound 4 ounces and was no bigger than a pound of butter.

I was full of energy and had wild hair and sometimes she couldn't tell which end was which.  She is a good Mommy because I have trained her well. I didn't take too much work as she has had puppies before (although never as smart as me).

She told me I am the joy in her life so I let her think she is the boss because it makes her happy.

We lived in Ajax, near Toronto, Ontario until very recently but now live in New Westminster in British Columbia.  I actually like it better because I am a fair weather walker so it is usually a good day to walk here.  Back in Ontario, it was often too hot or too cold...Hey, I sound just like that fairy tale-...the 3 bears..

So Mommy and I are going to blog...not sure what that is but it sounds like dog so I'm thinking it will be good.  And Mommy is going to make lots of different dog cookies and treats and then blog about me and my friends eating them...  We will  let you know which ones taste good and which one taste like blog s&%t.  We will give you the recipes to the ones that are the best.

That's it for now as I am going to make Mommy take me around the block!